Mission Moment April 16

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April 16, 2020


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Mission Moment – April 16, 2020

Our 2020 Missions Conference “Until the Whole World Hears” continues today with a focus on Matt and April (formerly Lorenz) Sykes.

Matt and April are moving to Nicaragua to help that growing missionary team continue to establish the church plant in the town of Nagarote and to plant even more churches around the country and hopefully in neighboring Honduras as well. As they move to a new field, they need to raise some additional monthly support. When they served in Puerto Rico, they did not have to pay for housing at Camp Caribe. In Nicaragua they will need to rent a home and employ additional ministry funds for their discipleship, evangelism, and church-planting ministry. Their goal is to be in Nicaragua by the middle of May.

Please click on this link to watch their presentation and the GMI link to see their story and opportunity (sorry for the small delay with the picture and sound – it is just the way it is right now!):

Sykes Video: https://youtu.be/fn3zOZtcMbg

GMI Webpage: https://gracem.org/matt-and-april-sykes-3/

Hopefully you have received your Faith Promise Missions letter, or you should soon. Please pray about your support for any of our missionaries listed, and then send your worksheet back in the pre-stamped/addressed envelope.  We are asking that everyone who gives to missions returns their Faith Promise Worksheet.  Even if nothing has changed, write it down on the worksheet and send it back! It helps our Missions’ chairperson (Joyce Webb) with her communication to the organizations. 

I would also like to say “thank you” to Joyce for her faithful labor of love in overseeing our Missions Program at Anchor Point Bible Church, and to all of our committee members: Bob Raymond, Jan Snyder, Dan and Khrisy VanKampen, Maryanne Wheeler and Karen Yerkie.  We would have loved to have our missionaries “in person” as we love the personal touch it brings but are thankful for the technology to share their needs and get to know them this way, this year.

Because He Lives, Pastor Rob

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