2020 Missions Conference Update

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May 4, 2020


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Thank you to everyone who has sent in their 2020 Missions Support worksheet and for the faithfulness of Missions giving to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ, “Until the Whole World Hears!”  If you have not yet sent in your Faith Promise Commitment, there is still time and we would love to have you partner with Anchor Point Bible Church in our Foreign and Home Missions efforts.

Our Easter Offering so far has brought in over $1,300 for the church/property purchase in the GMI ministry of Paraguay.  Praise the Lord!  And thank you for your generous gifts towards this project. 

And thank you for your consistent, generous financial support for our Church budget with your offerings.  Here’s a picture of just a couple of days recently that came in the mail.  A number of you are also using our new online secure giving page from our website, www.AnchorPointBibleChurch.com.  What a blessing it is to know that God is providing for our needs even in the midst of our Covid-19 shutdown and much ministry taking place both at the personal and online platform levels. 

Here are some of our recent notes and letters and emails for APBC supported missionaries around the world…

From the Vinton’s (Bill & Sue):

We wish you the best during this pandemic especially in the light of all the different hardship it has brought.  We sometimes feel frustrated staying at home, but we thank God for the extra time that we can use for writing Bible school curriculum and Sunday School lessons for kids.  Thanks so much for your faithful support,  Bill and Sue

From the Nyakambiri ’s:

Bless the Lord O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His Holy name! (Psalm 103:1)  Sylvia and her girls are sewing face masks to give to vegetable market chairperson for distribution.  Each vegetable seller receives a tablet of soap and a face mask.  There is hope in Christ.  Praying that God protects you from Covid-10.  Givemore & Sylvia

From the Asong’s:

We pray for you all regularly during this season of global crisis.  We thank you dearly for standing with and for us even in a time such as this! The Lord Bless You and Keep You!  Joseph & Emmanuela

From the Hansen’s:

 Normally we would be sending you a thank you note by regular mail. Currently that is not possible so we are using this means to let you know how deeply we appreciate your prayers for us and your regular support of the ministry we are involved in with Grace Ministries International here in Bolivia. For all of us this pandemic has been a challenging time. We initially watched things progressing in the US and now it is here, too. We have been under quarantine since March 22. The restrictions have been tightened since then and now, as people over 65, are not supposed to leave our property at all. We are thankful for neighbors who have gone to the store and market for us and we are well taken care of.

Two weeks ago, Frosty came down with dengue. We are blessed to have an excellent young doctor in our mission here and Dr. Miguel and his fiancé, who is also a doctor, took good care of Frosty and making sure that his diagnosis was dengue and not something worse. He has finally turned the corner and seems to be getting better. It will take a little time to get his energy back. Up until he got sick, Frosty was keeping in contact with our pastors and leaders and even doing some discipleship using WhatsApp. I (Cathy) have also been doing a weekly Bible Study with a young woman this way. Not having the capabilities here of videotaping services as you do in the States, it has been great to see how our leaders here are still making great use of the technology they do have to keep in touch and still do ministry. Thank you again. We also are praying for you and your ministries.  Frosty and Cathy

From the Vinton’s (Fred & Karen):

Thanks for your prayers. We had a good, long and uneventful trip and arrived at LAX Saturday evening. It was quite a different experience leaving directly from Goma [Congo] rather than driving to Kigali first. Ethiopian Airlines has regular flights to Goma (not now, but normally), so we’ll look into that in the future.

Today is the first day I don’t have a spacey, jet lag feeling. It’s good to be getting past that. We won’t be able to see my mom, Barbie, or anyone else for that matter, until our quarantine is over. My mom has been doing a little better the last couple of days. In my conversations with her during the past couple of weeks, she was only able to give one word answers or just seemed too confused to answer at all. Barbie talked to her on Sunday and I talked to her yesterday and she was able to answer questions with a sentence, so that was encouraging!  Peace, Fred and Karen Vinton

From the Caraway’s:

Dear Friends at APBC,  First of all we want to tell you that we are praying for you, our faithful gift-givers, during this time of Covid-19.  While the world as we knew it has turned upside down in a matter of days, we know our God remains the same yesterday, today and forever! Thank you for continuing to support the work in Tanzania.  We appreciate all you do.  Please pray for that country, as they now have coronavirus within their borders.  Pray that Christians will continue to shine the light of Jesus during these uncertain times.   With Love,  Mike, Lynn and Luka

From the Menor’s:

We are so grateful for the prayerful and financial support received from your congregation.  Your help is very important to make our ministry possible.  May the Lord increase, among you, the fruits of His grace each day.  Hopefully we’re going to have the opportunity to visit you before we head to Paraguay by June this year. Stand firm in the Living Hope! (1 Peter 1:3)

From the Bomers:

Hello dear friends!  Happy Spring! Normally I would be writing this thank you card by hand and you would be receiving it via snail mail, but our visitor that was supposed to be bringing these letters back to the States wasn’t able to come because of the Covid19 virus. I’m sure that all of you are dealing with many changes and upheavals in your lives because of this virus as well! So, hopefully you understand why this thank you card is coming to you electronically, we are thankful we can still reach out in this way and tell you how grateful we are for you!

We are actually looking forward to our fall starting here soon; as it has been a very hot summer. We were blessed with a local pool and took advantage of it often. While we are always appreciative of your faithful prayers for our family, we would also like to ask you to pray for the people we minister to. In the last couple months, there have been several difficult situations for different families we know. Thank you in advance for your concern for them! Once we are able to again, we are excited to be starting a new year of Bible studies, English lessons, home visits, and working in our community. We are prayerfully hoping this will happen as soon as possible! In the meantime, we are keeping in touch with the people we minister to by text and Facebook. Jerry has had the opportunity to bless several families with essential food items during this time. Sandi has been able to share baked goods with the neighbors and receive some delicious Paraguayan food in return :). Thank you so much for your participation in the way God is moving in Paraguay. We are praying for you all during this different and difficult time!

Blessings, Jerry and Sandi, Addi, Clay and Cora

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