Missions Moment – April 15
Tom and Michelle Sanchez

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April 15, 2020


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Mission Moment – April 15, 2020

Our Missions Conference “Until the Whole World Hears 2020” continues today with a focus on Tom and Michelle Sanchez. They will be opening the new field of Burundi (Africa), joining veteran Tanzanian Nationals and new GMI missionaries Method & Omelina Mwendapole for the plant. 

It was just a year ago that I and Jeremy Clark were with them in Zambia where they served for 2 years for GMI and brought incredible leadership and effective ministry that brought much needed stability and change in the National Church that had been rocked with scandal and embezzlement.  Their steady hand helped the National Church to recover its footing and they were able to leave with the new leadership moving forward in integrity and peace.  Please continue to pray for the National Church and its leaders.

They are now preparing to embark on a new journey, one that has been years in the making and are close to the finish line to be able to go to Burundi. Because of this move, they will need to raise another $1,000 of monthly support to be able to open this 6th new field since GMI adopted Vision 2023 in 2013.

Please click on this link to watch their presentation and the GMI link to see their story and opportunity:

Sanchez Video: https://youtu.be/Z0BrGs8W9CA

GMI Webpage: https://gracem.org/tom-michelle-sanchez-2/

You should receive your Faith Promise Missions letter soon. Please review the material and pray about the opportunity to make your financial missions support Faith Promise through Anchor Point Bible Church.  Have a wonderful day in the Lord!

Because He Lives, Pastor Rob

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