Lord, I want patience…and I want it NOW!


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August 15, 2018


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As I have been preparing my message for this Sunday, I should have known.  We will be looking at James 5:7-12 and it’s all about “patience.”  As I was struggling in different areas the past few days, it hit me!  God is wanting me to practice what I’ll be preaching.  The problem is, patience only comes through suffering or trials and tribulations.  So my prayer for patience can only be answered by the Lord in the situations that will develop it most completely.

“Patience” in the Greek is the word “macro-thumos” – “macro” meaning “long” & “thumos” (from which we get a part of the word “thermometer”) meaning “heat.” It literally means “it takes a long time to get hot.” In other words, being patient means you’ve got a long fuse, you don’t blow up, you don’t get overheated. So, if you’re going to be a success with people, at work, at home, at school, with your family, you have to learn patience & develop a long fuse.

I can’t wait for this week and sermon to be over!! Nuts, I shouldn’t have said that.

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