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May 14, 2018

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Steve grew up at Anchor Point Bible in Muskegon as “the Pastor’s Kid”, as well as the only boy of 4 children (not to mention the youngest). He never cared much for church or for any “organized religion” growing up and on into his first couple years of college.

His god was basketball and a fast lifestyle. That was until a Sunday night in August of 1997. Steve was 24 years old, and that night he realized he was missing something. Everything that he tried on his own was failing, that there was an emptiness in his life. That “something” was God’s love and grace through a personal relationship with Jesus. On that late summer night, Steve gave his life to God.

He cried out to God and said, “Lord whatever you want from me, I am yours. I completely surrender my life to you!” That night Steve started his ‘ministry life’ by sharing his story with the college class that met on Sunday nights after church (he was invited by a few students who asked him lots of questions).

A year later he attended Liberty University where he went on to do Youth Ministry for the next 13 years. He then stepped away from ministry for a short season where he did social work with the state of Michigan. But then, through a series of God moments, Steve found his way back into ministry, and of all places back here at Anchor Point Bible Church as the Associate Pastor of Family Ministries.

Steve’s passion for God and for people is relentless. One of his greatest enjoyments is to be able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others and being able love people right where they are in life, with the same love and grace that Jesus has shown to him.

Steve is married to Amanda, and their 4 children are Isaac, Levi, Mia, and Xander. He loves to golf, fish, and spend time with his family outdoors camping and geocaching. And he has the gift of drinking copious amounts of coffee at any given time!

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