New (NO!) Mask Wearing Guidance!

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May 20, 2021


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As we think back over the past year, and all that we have gone through as a church, as well as our State and Country and World, we are thankful for God’s protection and provision in the midst of unprecedented health crises and loss from the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Leadership Team has prayerfully and carefully sought to do the right things during this time and even took the unprecedented step in our 100-year history to voluntarily shut down our in-person services on several occasions and many weeks during the worst of the crisis. In everything we have done, we have desired to honor the Lord and encourage love and grace for one another in the midst of differing opinions and views. It has not been easy, and we have appreciated the mutual patience and forbearance as members of the Body of Christ.

So, thank you to everyone who so faithfully wore masks and took precautions out of love and concern for others this past year at our church as well.  We are all thrilled to have heard Governor Whitmer announce this past weekend that the Michigan Mask Order is now aligned with the CDC’s latest guidance stating: “fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask or physically distance in any setting….”  This was also echoed by our President and the White House that “fully vaccinated Americans can shed their masks!”  What good news of great joy!

So, with this new guidance, we ask that you continue to be respectful in your freedom and if you still have concerns, you are welcome to continue wearing a mask as long as you would like in any setting of the church.  We will be opening up the full sanctuary for seating for everyone in all sections and encourage you to come back to church in person and enjoy the fellowship that we so love and enjoy together.

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