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July 18, 2018


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With a burden to reach our community for Jesus Christ and to glorify God in the process, the Elders, Deacons and Pastors have felt led of the Lord to prayerfully and humbly suggest the consideration of a new name with which to identify our church. A Bible verse that we have been inspired to use for this journey is: “…Find common ground with everyone so that we might bring them to Christ and [do this] to spread the Good News, and in doing so enjoy its blessings” (1Cor.9:22b-23 NLT).

There has been ongoing discussion over the course of many years regarding a possible name change, for a number of reasons.  A Name Change Committee was formed consisting of 10 church members who were tasked with soliciting from the congregation ideas and suggestions for a new name and identity for our church. The plans and Committee members were introduced to the church in a special worship service and our church family was asked to pray for their important job. After many meetings, with much prayer and deliberation and great input from our church family, they unanimously presented a name to the church board, and the board then accepted their proposal (unanimously as well) to present to the members for consideration.  On July 15, the Name Change Committee shared the much anticipated proposed new name “Anchor Point Bible Church” to the congregation.

A newsletter was also given out and mailed to our church family detailing the rational, consideration and reasoning for the proposed new name, which was presented in the worship service on that Sunday. If you would like to see the newsletter, which also shares some other church news, please click here:   Name-Change-Newsletter

These are indeed exciting times for our church family, and we invite you to come visit our church and see the great things God is doing here in and through us. in the Norton Shores and greater Muskegon community.

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